Východná stredná Európa

Neoliberal Takeover? How the Social History of Economic Ideas Contributes to Historicising Post-socialist Transformations

Peters, Florian

Current historiography on the post-socialist transformation of East Central Europe is broadly dominated by antagonistic master narratives such as “return to Europe” or “neoliberal takeover.” In order to overcome these well-entrenched interpretations stemming from intellectual or political history, this contribution proposes another approach to historicising post-socialist transformations: a social history of economic ideas.

Steampunk Association: The Project for a Polish Utopian Settlement in California in the Mid-19th Century

Kuligowski, Piotr

This article provides a case study of a project for a Polish utopian settlement (Osada), which was to be established in California, USA. Author Kazimierz Tomkiewicz’s, a Polish political exile from the early 1830s, developed a blueprint in Paris in 1850 and sent it to Prince Adam Jerzy Czartoryski, seeking his support for its realisation. Osada was to be an agro-industrial settlement, enabling Poles participation in the

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