Not Just a Zine: the “Rollin Under” Zine and Thessaloniki’s DIY Music-making (1985 – 1990). Thessaloniki’s DIY Music Scene

Karamoutsiou, Alexandra

From the early 1980s, with the common ground of the DIY ethos, lots of and different kinds of popular music idioms (from hardcore, punk to reggae and trip-hop) blossomed in Thessaloniki, Greece. This rich and constant music-making would not have been as vivid during its first period (1982 – 1994) without its own pillars of distribution, which consisted of independent labels and music stores, pirate radio stations and fanzines. In this essay I will focus on Thessaloniki’s emblematic fanzine Rollin Under, which was active from 1985 to 1992.

Self-publishing as a Surrealist Strategy: The Samizdat Catalogues of the Surrealist Group in Czechoslovakia

Watterott, Kristin

During the period of so-called normalization in the former Czechoslovakia, the restrictive cultural policy ousted numerous oppositional artists, theoreticians, and writers from the public cultural sphere through bans on exhibitions and publications. As a consequence, the affected individuals developed their own means of enabling creative, scientific, and literary work beyond censorship. A key medium for the realization of officially banned texts, studies, and projects was illegal and clandestine self-publishing, also called “samizdat”.

Self-publishing and Building Glocal Scenes: Between State Socialism and Neoliberal Capitalism

Michela, Miroslav
Šima, Karel

In this article we introduce the theme of special issue focusing on self-publishing activities In Central and Easter Europe from 1980s to 2000s. The articles presented in this issue offer an interdisciplinary view on the history of independent publishing in both the late socialist and post-socialist periods. We would like to enrich the scholarly debate beyond the dichotomies of communism/capitalism, socialism/post-socialism, East/West and samizdat/fanzine, respectively.

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