šľachta v mestách

Šľachta v mestách - prirodzený proces alebo negatívny jav?

H. Németh, István

The text deals with the coexistence of two social classes with different social and legal status – the nobility and burghers within the context of the early medieval towns in the Kingdom of Hungary. The author analyses both members of nobility that settled in towns and burghers who became members of the nobility. At the same time, the author highlights the more complex and structured social and legal differentiation of noble representatives who lived in towns.

Slovo na úvod

Segeš, Vladimír

In the article author introduces the research agenda and activities of the Section for Urban History of the Slovak Historical Society at the Slovak Academy of Sciences. The Section provides a platform for Slovak historians in field of urban history. Its main purpose is to organize scientific conferences about social, economic, political processes and the cultural life in towns and cities in the past. The author presents a brief summary of scholarly activities undertaken by the Section.

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