Mojmírovská Morava na hraniciach s impériom

Mojmír ́s Moravia on Border with Frankish (East-Frankish) Empire

The article deals with relations between Frankish (East-Frankish) Empire and The Mojmír ́s Moravia. In 822, its inhabitants were mentioned in written sources for the first time. New contacts with the Fankish world had brought new challenges to the Moravians and their rulers as for the question how to devise their mutual relations. In earlier literary sources they were understood as international. It is necessary to note that these terms are inappropriate for the 9th century.
The first contact with the East-Frankish empire in the year 846 suggests imperial ambitions of the Carolingians towards to their eastern neighbour. Its roots probably had arisen from the „Baptism of all Moravians", carried out reportedly in 831. In respect to it a tribute could be demanded and after the prince Rastislav ́ s oath of 864 there were several examples of the institute of fidelity being exercised. On the other hand, Moravians tried to liberate themselves from these obligations using various ways. One of them was no doubt creation of their own church administration and their relations to the papacy.