Rodinná kronika Jána Jablonického a obraz života na západnom Slovensku v 19. a 20. storočí

Jablonický, Viliam

In the final years of his life Ján Jablonický wrote his memoirs which can serve as a chronicle of the life at the end of the 19th and almost complete 20th century. From his subjective point of view he records not only the events around his hometown – Jaslovské Bohunice, but also in much larger region and in the world. He describes his childhood and the everyday life in a village, different manual labors, habits and traditions and even his school attendance.

Vojnové osudy poľských rodín vysídlených z rodnej zeme v rokoch 1944 - 1946

Kubis, Barbara

The Second World War had a damaging impact upon many Polish families. As a result of the decision carried out by the Allies, the Poles settled in the territory of the Second Polish Republic (Rzeczpospolita II) were forced to leave their homes. The tragic circumstances related to their expulsion, the difficult journey to other lands and conditions under which they were rebuilding their existence in a new, unknown land, were described in diaries and memoirs. In this paper the writer subjects these texts to a detailed analysis.

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