Personálna kontinuita politickej elity v Košiciach po Viedenskej arbitráži

Szeghy-Gayer, Veronika

The Vienna Arbitration and coup d´état in 1938 resulted in changes in the make-up of the local political elite in towns ceded to Hungary. This study aims to answer the following questions that have scarcely been discussed so far:
- What role was played by the local Hungarian elite who were active in the minority policies during the existence of Czechoslovakia after the political changes of 1938?
- Who was granted a membership in the Municipal Committee of Košice and on what grounds?
- What was the diplomatic history of the new political elite of the municipality?

Bývanie v mestskom dome Košíc v druhej polovici 19. storočia: medzi pohodlím a reprezentáciou

Labudová, Zuzana

Similar to other cities that had removed the limitations of the city wall system, there was a development of urban life in the second half of the 19th century in Košice. The middle and upper-middle burgess classes inhabited multiflat houses that were developed with a rational organisation and were functionally divided into presentation and service rooms.

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