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The Justinian Plague in literary sources

Bystrický, Peter

The study looks into and compares three main contemporary sources describing the first pandemic in 542, also known as the Plague of Justinian—the secular historian Procopius and two church historians, John of Ephesus and Evagrius. The bubonic plague epidemic spreading from Egypt was the most destructive scourge of the Byzantine Empire during the reign of Emperor Justinian I.

Obraz raného chorvátskeho štátu v diele De administrando imperio

Szeberényi, Gábor

The 29th, 30th and 31st chapters of the so-called De administrando imperio probably give us the most important and comprehensive narratives about the early history of the Croats. On one hand, the famous work of Emperor Constantine Porphyrogenet provides us, among many defined topics – such as the ethnogenesis of the Croats, their immigration to the Balkans, and their relations to the surrounding nations in the early Middle Ages –, lot of valuable information about the early medieval Croatian state, of its organization, territorial framework, and some aspects of its administation as well.

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