Korupcia v procese arizácie podnikového majetku

Hlavinka, Ján

During 1939 – 1945, the Slovak Jews were dispossessed of all types of their property and this was transferred to non-Jews. This process is referred to as Aryanization. An integral part of Aryanization was the disposition and transfer of the Jewish property. Of the total of 12 300 companies, some 2300 were Aryanized and the rest was liquidated.

Fenomén korupcie v procese tzv. riešenia "židovskej otázky" na Slovensku v rokoch 1938–1945

Kamenec, Ivan

Corruption in various forms was always a part of the solution of the Jewish question in Slovakia during the years 1938 – 1945. However, local circumstances eased the situation in that that even the most severe anti-Semitic state provisions made concessions to granting some exceptions, for which one had to pay. It was common, by the public gratefully acknowledged norm of social behaviour, accepted also by the persecuted Jewish community. During full-scale elimination of Jews from the public life the corruption took primarily primitive forms of individual or group threats and blackmailing.

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