Skončilo sa vystúpenie (Francúzska) z prvej svetovej vojny?

Is the Exiting (by France), from World War I, Over Yet?

To start, the author asks a thought-provoking question – whether France has definitively exited World War I. He defends the methodological approach to exiting the war, which may better render the complexities of the reconciliation of the war experience than the oft-used term the post-war period. He deals with the different amounts of time taken, and especially the persisting grief from the loss of loved ones which carries over into the later generations and in such a way the Great War still seems to be relevant even today. He links the renewal of interest in the memory of the Great War in the 1990s with the end of the Cold War, which he considers to be the final expression of World War I. The revival of interest in the memory of the Great War can be seen particularly in regard to the centenary, although at this point it is still too early to assess its impact.