Záborský's non-Romantic Conception of Nationalism

Záborského neromantická koncepcia nacionalizmu

The paper presents unromantic concept of nationalism of Jonas Zaborsky in the context of the development of modern Slovak identity. Author compares Záborský's thinking and romantic nationalism of Ľudovít Štúr. According to him, the difference of these approaches is in the method of the formation of national consciousness. Záborský rejects the romantic notion of institutionalization realized only by revolutionary means or political reform. He understands forming of the nation as a process involving the deeper social changes, including a change of mentality. Záborský criticized regressive definition of culture, which does not include standardization of culture and its mediation through the modern education system. He emphasized the importance of the standard culture for the establishment of an institutional base and educational system, which it considered crucial condition for the formation of qualified national elite. Attention is paid to Zaborsky's ethnical enthusiasm, which is not defined by simple dichotomy of nation and external aggression.