Vystúpenia z napoleonských vojen. Niekoľko námetov na reflexiu

Exiting the Napoleonic Wars. Some Ideas to Reflect Upon

In the three sections of her article the author ruminates on the exiting of the Napoleonic Wars, which, through their geographic dimension, length, the use of new military technology and ideological content, brought important structural changes, and not only to French society. In the first section we learn about the diplomatic-military level of activity at exiting the War in 1814–1818, when France returned from the position of outcast to move back into the community of European states. However, the political exiting of the Napoleonic Wars was much more complicated and, in the author's opinion, was still not complete even by 1830. Probably the most complicated part of the process was related to military veterans, as Napoleon had made use of conscription, which impacted hitherto unseen numbers of common men – non-professional soldiers. Besides the huge loss of life, the veterans suffered from various trauma, grievances and injuries, which, however, society wanted to forget as quickly as possible.