Popular Culture and State Socialism

Machek, Jakub

The paper is aimed to explore possibilities of analysing popular culture of the era of the state socialism. There is demonstrated how the relationship between popular culture and the so­cialist society can be described by the same model as in West European societies - from the viewpoint of the Gramscian concept of hegemony. The paper deals with the role of popular culture in the Czechoslovak society, particularly with its participation in the process of reaching a con­sensus between the governing minority and subordinated majority.

Civilian Life in the Insurgent Territory during the Slovak National Uprising

Arpáš, Róbert

The Slovak National Uprising was one of the most important events in the 20th-century history of Slovakia. Although historians have seriously examined this topic, they have predominantly concentrated on its political and military aspects. Much less attention has been paid to the everyday life of common people living in the territory taken by the insurgents. The author has produced this paper with an ambition to bring more detailed pieces of information about everyday life during the Slovak National Uprising.

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