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Ethnic stereotypes are often a tool of political manipulation and they serve as a means of escalating ethnic tensions. They represent schematic images not only of ethnic groups and nations but also of members of the same nation. They can assist in influencing public opinion as well as in creating a sense of togetherness – thanks to emotions they are able to trigger. For example, a dishonouring caricature from 1882 depicts nations of the former Kingdom of Hungary disapprovingly grumbling "We are not going!" to an appeal from their Hungarian homeland – a mother offering her arms. The caricature also does not spare Hungarian Kóbi, shown holding his mother´s skirt. It reflects the complicated situation of the Jewish population in the Austro-Hungarian Empire as well. A figure on the right depicts the leader of the anti-Semitic party G. Istóczy exclaiming that the mother should not accept "that Jordan bastard." Historical research of mutual ethnic (as well as other) stereotypes reveals their unrealistic nature as well as the functions they are supposed to fulfill and an importance they possessed during the period of nationalism. We believe that this issue of Forum Historiae will contribute not only to better understanding them but also to overcoming them. 

Forum Historiae 2/2012: Ethnic Stereotypes In Historical Research
Zostavovatelia: Mgr. Gabriela Dudeková, PhD. - Dr. Csukovits Enikő, PhD.
Preklady do angličtiny: Bc. Katarína Hudáčková
Preklady z maďarčiny: PhDr. Tünde Lengyelová, CSc., Mgr. Gabriela Dudeková, PhD.
Grafická úprava: Juraj Benko
Autori: Dr. Csukovits Enikő PhD., Demmel József, PhD., Mgr. Gabriela Dudeková, PhD., Mag. Goda Károly, PhD., Doc. PhDr. Martin Hetényi, PhD., PhDr. Eva Kowalská, CSc., Mgr. Jakub Machek, PhD., Mgr. Rastislav Molda, PhD., PhDr. Slávka Otčenášová, M.A., PhD., doc. Simon Attila, PhD., Mgr. Miloslav Szabó, PhD., Doc. PhDr. Juraj Šedivý, MAS., PhD., Mgr. Peter Šoltés, PhD.
Forum Historiae 2/2012 "Etnické stereotypy v historickom výskume" vzniklo v rámci projektu Historického ústavu SAV VEGA č. 2/0044/11 Slovensko v druhej polovici 19. storočia.
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