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Historiographies in general pay rather little attention to the space within which the events of human history unfolded. It is evident that the interconnectedness and mutual interactions between political, economic, and social phenomena with the environment constitute a factor that often influenced the lives of people more than anything else. The environmental aspects of human history have been studied quite intensively within the specialized discipline of the environmental history for couple of decades now. Though for the time being this field is lacking the sufficient institutional and organizational backing in Slovakia, environmental history research is gradually developing within the Slovak historiography in the past few years as well. The present issue of Forum Historiae offers ten studies that analyse the relationship of humans to the nature, impact of the industrialisation on the environment, natural parks as specimens of an "ideal landscape", and building of road systems and their impact on the landscape and environment in the territory of Slovakia and East Central Europe in the period between the 18th and 20th centuries.

Forum Historiae 1/2017: Landscape, Nature and Environment in the Past
Zostavovatelia: Karol Hollý - Pavel Hronček
Preklady a jazyková úprava anglického jazyka: John Martin Kehoe, Jela Kehoe; Silvia Holéczyová a Jana Tomková (Your Choice - jazykové služby, s.r.o.); Petra Hollá
Jazyková korektúra: Katarína Prekopová
Obrázok na titulnej strane: William Wyld, Manchester from Kersal Moor (1852, výrez). Zdroj:
Grafická úprava: Juraj Benko
Autori: Iveta Bohálová, Ján Botík, Michal Ďurčo, Ľudovít Hallon, Karol Hollý, Pavel Hronček, Mikuláš Huba, Peter Chrastina, Pavol Jakubec, Peter Jančura, Viktor Pál, Markéta Šantrůčková, Martin Turóci, Peter Urban
© HistorickÝ Ústav Slovenskej akadÉmie vied 2017

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