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The family represents an important social phenomenon that opens many interesting questions. Its research is also interesting for historians who study for example a number of family members, family structure, marriage rate, marriage strategies, relationships between individual relatives, depictions of the family in artistic as well as literary works, etc. However, the search for answers is often more complicated due to fragmentary or completely missing relevant historical sources. Therefore, a historian must often be satisfied with probes and hypotheses which can then be some basis for formulations of general conclusions. Many interesting aspects were discussed in detail at the conference "A Phenomenon of the Family in the Past of Slovakia" which took place in Bardejov. Except for new data on the topic, many thought-provoking ideas for future research were presented there. Studies and materials published in this issue draw on genealogical, demographic and historical-legal, as well as art-historical and literary-historical, research. The research period starts with the Middle Ages and continues up to the beginning of the 20th century. The issue aims to point out options, methods and questions as well as problems of further research. 

Forum Historiae 1/2012: Transformations of the Family in the History of the Kingdom of Hungary and Slovakia
Zostavovatelia: PhDr. Tünde Lengyelová, CSc.
Mgr. Gabriela Dudeková, PhD.
Preklady do angličtiny: Mgr. Matej Hanula, PhD
Preklady z maďarčiny: PhDr. Tünde Lengyelová, CSc.
Obrázok na titulnej strane: Johann Michael Voltz: Vianoce (asi 1823), lept
Grafická úprava: Juraj Benko
Autori: PhDr. et ThMgr. Libor Bernát, CSc., Doc. PhDr. Erika Brtáňová, CSc., Dr. Enikő Csukovits, PhD., PhDr. Michal Duchoň, PhD., Mgr. Zdenko Ďuriška, Mgr. Anna Fundárková, PhD., M. A., Viliam Jablonický, PhDr. Hana Kližanová, akademik Attila Zsoldos, prof. PhDr. Pavol Žigo, CSc.
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