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Historian Dušan Kováč has labeled the history of Slovak historiography as the "Cinderella" of professional historical science in this country. This comparison was aimed at bringing attention to the unpleasant condition of Slovak historical science in regard to the history of its own discipline. He particularly highlighted the inheritance of two totalitarian systems which negatively influenced the development of this science in the 20th century. However, the situation is gradually getting better. This can be attested to, for instance, by some works which have been published in the last years and have addressed the issue of the history of lovak historiography. The pilot issue of Forum Historiae approaches this key issue of our field.

Forum Historiae 1/2007: The History of Slovakia on the Threshold of the Third Millenium
Zostavovatelia: Miroslav Michela
Grafická úprava: Juraj Benko
Autori: Peter Haslinger, Adam Hudek, Ľubomír Lipták, Peter Podolan, Alžbeta Sedliaková, Juraj Šedivý, Eugen Zeleňák, Milan Zemko
© HistorickÝ Ústav Slovenskej akadÉmie vied 2007