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There are some topic which make historians wonder, though they have not approached these topics yet. There are problems which attack people literally every day and so they look for an answer on "where has this come from?" but search for this answers in libraries in vain. Corruption is one of such issues. Many historians abroad are engaged in a research of the corruption while only colleagues from related social sciences have dealt with this topic in Slovakia up to now. Therefore for this issue, we have approached such authors who have not researched only specific forms and manifestations of the corruption or changing sensitivity of a state as well as various social layers towards corruption practice but also changes of a term "corruption" which were conditioned both culturally and politically. Area of the present-day Slovakia is an ideal example for observing how main "arenas" of the corruption were changing and how legal norms and moral rules were developing in dependence on economical system, social structure of society as well as political regime. It is also an good example to see how land reforms, arization, privatization and other massive shifts of properties marked sensitivity of a corruption perception. While reading this issue, a reader may follow both continuity and discontinuity in the corruption practice. One may even discover surprising similarities between corrupted clerks of the Emperor Joseph II, corrupation scandals from the beginning of the 20th century and current reality.

Forum Historiae 2/2011: Corruption
Zostavovatelia: Mgr. László Vörös, PhD.
Mgr. Peter Šoltés, PhD.
Preklady do angličtiny: Mgr. Blanka Szeghyová, PhD., Mgr. László Vörös, Mgr. Marek Klatý
Preklady z maďarčiny: PhDr. Tünde Lengyelová, CSc., Mgr. László Vörös, PhD.
Preklady z nemčiny: Mgr. Peter Šoltés, PhD
Grafická úprava: Juraj Benko
Autori: András Cieger, PhD., Mgr. Roman Džambazovič, PhD., PhDr. Ľudovít Hallon, CSc., Mgr. Matej Hanula, PhD., Mgr. Ján Hlavinka, Mgr. Tomáš Janura, PhD., PhDr. Ivan Kamenec, CSc., Mgr. Norbert Kmeť, CSc., Matej Kurian, M. A., Dr. Tina Olteanu, Doc. Ing. Emília Sičáková-Beblavá, PhD., Mgr. Blanka Szeghyová, PhD., Gabriel Šípoš, M. Phil., Mgr. Peter Šoltés, PhD., Mgr. László Vörös, PhD., PhDr. Milan Zemko, CSc.
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